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Art has always been a way of life for me. From being young kid scribbling on blank pages in books when paper wasn’t available, to drawing pictures in my junior high yearbook to get people to sign it, drawing always been a way to not only to express myself, but connect with others.

I love mid century comics and fashion illustration, my place is covered with books on both subjects. My work is heavily influenced by them. What started off as making personalized cards and gifts for my loved ones, has now graduated to making special occasion cards and portrait gifts for others. I enjoy helping people tell their stories and expressing their sentiments. I believe every piece I do for someone serves with some meaning behind it.

My creation process is to ask numerous questions about the commission piece to be done. I want to know as much as possible about all parties involved, how they met, jokes they share, what favorite activities they do, favorite clothes they wear, etc. The more pictures the better, my goal is to get a real feel for the person's likeness. I’m always texting back and forth with clients to see if I’ve captured the subject to their liking.

The medium I work in varies. I mostly do inking and coloring by hand. Sometimes I’ll do a old school “cute and paste” and use cardstock for backgrounds and cut out the hand colored figures and put them together. I like the textures together and it’s fun and tangible, more then just a print out of a picture.

When I’m not drawing I can be found at any given flea market, or doing side by side fashion comparisons of “Rupaul’s Drag Race”, and trying to curb my obsession with “Vanderpump Rules”

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